Stealth – 93ft high performance yacht – Design 1044

Italian industrialist Giovanni Agnelli knew exactly what he wanted when commissioning this iconic design. “The boat will be black and called Stealth. I wish to simply have fun and pleasure from sailing her. And I want her finished within 6 months!” The details were left to the Frers design office, builder Green Marine and structural engineer Giovanni Belgrano to finalise.

The result was one of the fastest and certainly most remarkable superyachts built since the great J-Class monoliths in the 1930s. Her all carbon construction pushed the boundaries of composite technology well beyond any superyacht before – and they needed to be because hull loads generated at 15 knots were 2.5 times higher than those measured in a normal yacht.

Stealth was designed first and foremost to be fast, and her performance graph has become a benchmark by which all other performance yachts are now judged. She can average 12 knots upwind in just 6 knots of breeze, and powers up to 17-18 knots to windward in apparent wind speeds of 15-20 knots – irrespective of sea state. Off the wind, the excitement is all the greater with 500 miles day runs easily attainable during ocean crossings. In fact, she can sustain bursts of 30-35knots quite safely and with minimal crew effort.

Stealth was launched in June 1996, the same weekend that Michael Schumacher won his first F1 race for Ferrari – Mr Agnelli’s other great passion. And like those thoroughbred cars from Maranello, Stealth has been turning heads ever since.

Her record across the Mediterranean from Marseille to Carthage set in 1998 still stands – an average speed of 15.77knots! Mani Frers was one of Stealth’s crew on that voyage, and recalls: “After racing on the maxi circuit, this was my first taste of Volvo Ocean racing type sailing and showed just how hard these yachts are pushed in extreme conditions.”

LOA (m) 28.45
YEAR 1996
Material carbon fibre
Yard Green Marine
Design Germán Frers II/Germán Frers III
Naval Architecture Germán Frers II/Germán Frers III
Interior design none