56 m superyacht

A performance yacht to explore the world in unrivalled comfort and ease

This new generation 56m superyacht designed by Germán Mani Frers heralds a fresh approach to marrying performance with good sea-keeping, ride and comfort levels.

By incorporating advanced composite engineering in her construction, the significant weight savings make this yacht similar to handle to ones 15m smaller in length. The associated reduction in sailing loads leads to lower crew numbers and maintenance, at the same time as extending speed and range. Speed under sail gravitates between 15 – 20knots with low angles of heel, while speed under power is an easy 13-15knots. With a cruising range of 4,000 miles, this is a yacht to explore the world in unrivalled comfort and ease.

At these relatively high sailing speeds, the apparent wind angle is always forward of the beam, which reduces the amount of sail area required and simplifies handling. Simply easing the sheets a couple of meters is enough to cover all sail angles.

Her lifting keel transforms from a performance inducing 6.6m draft down to 3.5 m for exploring shoal waters and harbours, while her twin rudders provide precision finger-tip steering at all times.

And all this without compromising on living space. Accommodation is split between the owner’s en-suite staterooms in the bow and four generous guest cabins. Overall accommodation amounts to 135 sq. m. and the stern deck/beach club adds a further 99sq. m of enjoyment space. There is even room for an 8.5m tender in the stern garage, a 4.5m crew tender secreted within the deck, together with space for the usual diving gear and beach toys required for extended cruising.