PURA synthetizes the qualities of great superyacht’s, splendour, power, comfort, long range and reliability.
The starting point was an apparent wind sailing yacht, where the apparent wing angle is always in front of the beam, this translates in high performance especially in light airs and above all minimum sail changes reducing crew work and improving safety.

The combination of a proven low displacement length ratio and a powerful stern with a twin rudder configuration allows for effortless speed under full control. 
The yacht has been optimized for various sailing modes, including a comfort mode for cruising and long range sailing where heel angle and sheet loads are low, a performance mode for more excitement and a racing mode for visceral performance under full crew.

We achieved the target weights by carefully selecting the construction material of the whole yacht. Therefore, we have carbon fibre spars and rigging, Deckhouse and large composite deck panels (the higher centre of gravity parts) combined with an aluminium hull construction, steel keel and carbon fibre rudders.
This construction method allows freedom in design layout and styling allowing infinite alternatives to fulfil each owner’s dreams and requirements.
 The thorough engineering required did not allow for compromises, pushing us to new levels of refinement and design quality.
Huisman detailed engineering approach and ability to build in different materials is key in the whole process.
 With all the engineering complete, construction time diminished by 35% coupled with proven reliability make PURA enjoyable from a yacht management perspective.
The possibility of a systems upgrade every 6 years cycle with new proven technologies and interior/exterior refits makes for a yacht with infinite youth.
The Pura is a timeless yacht reflecting the passion of each owner and its creators in the quest for the ultimate yacht.

Frers Design