Frers Design

Design Flow

Some Owners come to us with a very detailed brief, but just as many are keen to explore all opportunities and work with us to develop a design to meet their needs. Where possible we try to exceed the brief and surprise them.


For the Owner, the decision to commission a new boat marks the start of an unforgettable adventure. The design process starts with a working brief drawn up with the Owner. From this we develop the first concepts. Every detail is then designed and engineered before a single plate is cut or fiber laid. We oversee every detail throughout the build, launch and sea trials to ensure complete satisfaction from the Owner.

Naval Architecture

Overall performance is a balance between efficiency, speed, sea keeping, dynamic behavior, maneuverability and range. Pencil and calculator are still in use, it helps us to quench expensive processing time when it comes to predicting key performance factors. Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Simulations and CAD programs have opened a whole new world of refinements and optimization loops. This allows us to test hundreds of hulls and maneuvers during the design process. However, a designer’s intuition remains paramount. A computer alone cannot design the boat.


We have a broad design portfolio that extends from yachts and motorboats to car design and furniture. All require a high level of advanced engineering to develop the strongest and lightest structures. Our office acts as a central hub, integrating key engineering associates all at the top of their game. Their knowledge is respected by all the leading yards. We have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with all of them and they in turn have grown with us in keeping on the latest research and practices.