Ciao Gianni – 60ft no-compromise day sailer
Owner: Jacques Setton

Ciao Gianni was created unashamedly to maximise on the pleasures of day sailing and named in homage of Stealth owner Gianni Agnelli. French yachtsman Jacques Setton has a great love and understanding of boats and his brief was for one that could be sailed singlehanded with the power, acceleration and efficiency of much bigger fully crewed yachts. Ease of maintenance, reliability, and the ability to sail in any wind condition were his other requirements.

We developed a 60ft light displacement hull form with a long waterline and powerful lines then combined this with a high aspect ratio rig and deep draft keel to maximise her performance.

We also decided at an early stage to dispense with any downwind sails and concentrated on producing a two sail rig with a square-topped mainsail that could exploit the high gybing angles normally experienced with high speed multihull forms. This in turn led to a reverse bow, a shape that not only gives the yacht a distinct appearance but is lighter and improves aerodynamic drag.

In case the wind dies, Ciao Gianni is fitted with a powerful engine driving a three blade folding prop to bring her skipper back to port at 12 knots

Ciao Gianni proved he pedigree by sailing higher and faster across a wide wind range than bigger fully crewed IRC yachts. She is also faster upwind than America’s Cup class monohulls in wind strengths up to 10knots, and whenever there is a good breeze, she simply lifts her skirts and planes away at 20knots+ with her skipper in full control.

This yacht has raised the benchmark on pure enjoyment and speed sensation, and the feeling at the wheel is beyond anything we have experienced before – A sheer joy to sail.

Frers Design


LOA (m) 18.3
YEAR 2010
Material carbon
Yard Multiplast
Design Germán Frers III
Naval Architecture Germán Frers III
Interior design None