Frers Design

Ciao Gianni 60ft


This legendary 60ft fast day-sailer, has raised the benchmark on pure enjoyment and speed sensation.

Jacques Setton has great experience in sailing. This made him come up with a very special brief: a boat that can be sailed singlehanded with the power, acceleration and efficiency of a longer, fully crewed yacht.

Additional requirements include ease of maintenance, reliability, and the ability to sail under any wind condition.

Upwind, she is faster than an America’s Cup class monohulls in wind strengths up to 10 knots. Give her a good breeze and she will simply lifts her skirts and planes away at 20 knots + in full control.
The feeling at the wheel is far beyond anything experienced before!

technical specifications

LOA (m)18.3
DesignGermán Mani Frers
Naval ArchitectureGermán Mani Frers
Interior DesignNone