Frers Design



This 85ft performance cruising yacht, with its classic looks, portrays a very exciting project.

The design takes in three generations of know-how in designing classic shapes, together with the latest thinking in delivering performance and easy motion.

Assembled with a high modulus carbon rig and a lifting T keel, gives flexibility to access low draft sites, whilst achieving racing standard VMGs.
The spacious cockpit design combined with good protection gives an excellent steering positon never experienced in these yachts before.
Additionally, an innovative seating that folds away into the deck when not in use, maintains Tulip’s classic and flush lines. A primary Frers distinction encompassing simplicity and efficiency.

technical specifications

LOA (m)26.61
DesignGermán Frers / Germán Mani Frers
Naval ArchitectureGermán Frers / Germán Mani Frers
Interior DesignSinot