Frers Design

Wally 88 Tiketitan


The Wally 88 Tiketitan and later Tiketitoo, is rare in many respects. It was decided to include a hydraulic canting keel to improve further performance. The system was fitted where the main salon would normally be situated. The engine and other machinery were installed around it. The centre cockpit sat naturally above this, so the salon was positioned aft, opening on what has been named ‘the Wally terrace on the sea’.

The most stunning aspect of this Wally cruiser/racers is the performance. Tiketitan variants can maintain an effortless 20 knots broad-reaching across a 30 knots breeze, make 12 knots to windward in just 8 knots of true wind, and once sheets are eased, will sweep along at 14-16 knots in the same light breeze. That puts these Frers designed Wally yachts in the same performance bracket as many power yachts, but without the discomfort of slamming over waves, nor the non-stop noise from the engines.

Suddenly, Cannes, Corsica and Genoa are within a comfortable day sail of each other, even when the winds are flat, these easily driven hulls can still push along at 11 – 12 knots under power.

technical specifications

LOA (m)27
MaterialCarbon Fibre
YardGreen Marine
DesignGermán Mani Frers / Germán Frers
Naval ArchitectureGermán Mani Frers / Germán Frers
Interior DesignWally